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Inline and Real-time Leak Detection – NRW

The Case for
Pipeline Management

There is a growing funding gap between water and sewer pipeline spending and the investment needed to renew this critical infrastructure. Proactively managing pipelines and valves is a proven way to reduce risk, prevent failures, and maximize spending on the assets that need it most.


Pure Technologies SmartBall®
Inline Free-Swimming Inspection Platform

Inline Free-Swimming Pipeline Inspection Platform
A free-swimming inspection tool that detects leaks and gas pockets and maps water and wastewater pipelines

Product Features

Pure Technologies Sahara®
Inline Tethered Inspection Platform

The Sahara platform is a tethered inspection tool for assessing pressurized water pipelines six inches (150 mm) and larger. The platform detects leaks and air pockets, captures live video, and maps pipelines in a single deployment without disrupting regular service. With this pipeline condition information, pipeline owners can make informed rehabilitation and management decisions on a pipe-by-pipe basis.

Product Features