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As an industry-leading Environmental monitoring company specializing in sustainable solutions, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their environmental and sustainability objectives. Our extensive range of services is designed to address various aspects of environmental monitoring and management.

One of our core services involves comprehensive water and wastewater quality monitoring, encompassing lakes, rivers, sewage treatment plants (STPs), effluent treatment plants (ETPs), and coastal water bodies. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques to ensure accurate and real-time data collection.


Water and Wastewater Quality Monitoring

Ensures the safety and compliance of water supplies and wastewater treatment processes.

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Flow, Level and Ground Water Quality Monitoring

Provides vital insights into water availability, resource management, and the protection of groundwater sources.

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Odour and Corrosion Control Units

Technologies to mitigate unpleasant odours and prevent corrosion in various industrial and municipal applications.

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Lake, River, Ocean, and Coastal Water Quality Monitoring

Safeguards environmental health and supports sustainable management of water resources.

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Bathymetry and Hydro Surveyor

Enables accurate mapping and measurement of underwater topography in marine and freshwater environments.

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Water and Wasewater Quality Monitoring SysemsAmbient Air Quality Monitoring SysemsEmission Monitoring SysemsOdour and Corrosion Control UnitsLake, River, Ocean, and Coasal Water Quality MonitoringFlow, Level and Ground Water Quality MonitoringNRWBathymetry and Hydro SurveyorPredictive MaintenanceFloating Barriers
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Ensures the assessment and management of air pollutants to protect public health and the environment.

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Inline and Real-time Leak Detection – NRW

Proactive identification and mitigation of leaks, reducing water losses and improving operational efficiency.

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Floating Trash Barriers

Preventing and mitigating the pollution of water bodies by capturing and containing floating debris.

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Emission Monitoring

Accurate tracking and analysis of industrial emissions to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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Pipeline Condition Assessment Services

Provide comprehensive evaluation and diagnostics to ensure the reliability and longevity of pipeline infrastructure.

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AI/ML Based Predictive Maintenance

Algorithms to anticipate equipment failures, optimize maintenance schedules, and enhance operational efficiency.

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Metal & Mining
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